HOLEX publications

The HOLEX National Office generates summaries and documentation for use by its member organisations. Some such information can also be made available to the public domain and, where appropriate, will be shared below.

Project/topicDatePublication/LinkPdf version (opens as a regular webpage)Word version (downloads an editable Word document)
2017 HOLEX Annual Report2017 - WinterHOLEX Annual report -Impact and Members' Views 2017HOLEX Annual Report - pdfHOLEX Annual report - Word document
2017 Localism 2017 - SpringFinal report produced as part of 2017 Localism projectLocalism 2017 - Section 1 - Overview
Localism 2017 - Section 2 - Top Tips
Localism 2017 - Section 3 - Events - impact
Localism 2017 - Section 4 - Readiness Survey
Localism 2017 - Section 5 - Case Studies
Localism 2017 - Section 6 - Review of agreements
Localism 2017 - Section 7 - Additional Resources
2016 Spending Review2016 - AutumnHOLEX response to the 2016 Spending ReviewSpending Review Nov 2016 - (3C)Spending Review Nov 2016 - (3C)
Governance2016 - SpringACL Governance ETF Project 140416NOTE - Click link to left and scroll down to 'Governance' heading. A link to the HOLEX report appears towards the bottom of this section; the paragraph starts "On behalf of the Education Training Foundation (ETF), HOLEX has been leading a project…"
Localism in Action2016 - SpringHOLEX report - ELMAG3 Localism in Action project. Set of reports including Top Ten Tips and Case Studies.NOTE - Click link to left and scroll down to 'Localism in Action' heading to download reports
Pre voc2016 - SpringSummary report

Case studies:

Bedford College

City College Peterborough

Humber Learning Consortium

WMC - The Camden College

Newcastle City Learning
OTLA2016 - SpringAOC - OTLA - Outstanding Teaching, Learning and Assessment in London
Closing the Learning Gap2016 - SpringWritten evidence submitted by HOLEX to the All Party Parliamentary Group for Adult Education -
Closing the Learning Gap – Opening Up Opportunities for Adults
Adult Education submission_template 18052016Adult Education submission_template 18052016
Pound Plus2015 - AutumnSummary - Community Learning financial strategies and “pound plus” implementation: an assessment by the HOLEX National OfficeCL financial strategies - summary_FINALCL financial strategies - summary_FINAL
Learning Technologies2015 - AutumnHOLEX Learning Technologies Support Pilot Programme - Evaluation ReportLearning Technologies report_FINAL REPORT

LearningTechnology report - Exec summary_FINAL
Learning Technologies report_FINAL REPORT

LearningTechnology report - Exec summary_FINAL