How do you online test Pre-Entry ESOL Learners?


Ian Walker an ESOL tutor and Curriculum eSupport Tutor at Wolverhampton Adult Education Service wanted to reduce his marking time for pre-entry ESOL learners by creating online self –assessment tests. In the first video, Ian explains that they are using online testing every week to ascertain the progress made by ESOL learners within their Job Centre based groups and demonstrates one of the resources. The resources were created with Articulate Storyline 2 which enables you to build in a screen where the learner inputs their name, this can then be used throughout the modules to personalise the learner’s experience.

Pre-Entry ESOL learners provide a greater challenge to online testing than other learners as their English language skills prevent them from being able to read or write in English. As Ian explained when you show a pre-entry ESOL learner a computer keyboard then it is the same to showing us a keyboard displaying hieroglyphics, we wouldn’t know what to press.

In order to remove this barrier Ian created online resources to teach learners specifically how to use a keyboard and a mouse. The keyboard module had the added benefit of teaching the alphabet as well. In the second video, Ian demonstrates the keyboard module and explains why adding a timer to help him see how long learners took to complete the modules actually added an element of gamification.

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