Making your Moodle Home Page look more like a Website


When you surf the Internet you get drawn to new items on your favourite website pages, they grab your attention. But how do you achieve that on a Moodle Home Page? With limited time to spend updating the home page information regularly, the page is likely to remain static. One solution is to use a Random Glossary Block as Janet Dawson, an Employability Tutor at Manchester Adult Education Service has done on their front page.

Image showing Manchester Adult Education Service's Moodle Home Page with changing case studies.

Each time the page is visited or refreshed the case study changes and promotes their service through a series of learner stories – inspiring new or existing learners.

It is achieved by turning the editing on whilst on the front page – so you will need the Site Administrator to do this.

Create a Glossary and populate it with your learners’ stories, so that the Concept becomes the title of each story/person and the Definition the story itself.

 Add a block and from the options select Random Glossary Entry.

Within the information you then complete to configure the block, you can state which glossary to use to pick up random entries.

 Simple and effective!

Random glossary option in Add a block Moodle menu

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