Member benefits

We provide HOLEX members with the following services :-

1        Policy contribution – We are proactive in ensuring we able to contribute to new policy initiatives and have had some success in the last year in helping to protect funding and ensuring lifelong learning is on the government agenda.

2        Representation – A core purpose of the HOLEX Network is to make representation to the Government and to the agencies that manage the funding, qualification and inspection landscape. HOLEX is a recognised part of the Government’s consultation machinery, and there are now HOLEX members on all relevant national groups convened by DfE and ESFA.  HOLEX also has regular “keep in touch” meetings with Ministers, senior civil servants, and with Ofsted.  HOLEX is one of the “founders” of the Education and Training Foundation (ETF), and nominates a senior leader from HOLEX onto the ETF Board.

3        Policy interpretation, analysis and advice – As well as contributing to emerging new policy HOLEX generates summaries and analysis of current government announcements and initiatives, maps out the impact on providers, and offer helpful practical advice on implementation.

4        Newsletters and Round Ups – We provide monthly policy round ups which brings together the important and relevant announcements and new information to do with sectors matters. These roundups also offer members helpful hints on what they need to do next give members an idea of what action they need to take. We also provide summaries of national initiatives and other hot topics.

5        Postbox – We provide a service to other organisations (such as ETF) who need to let HOLEX members know of new initiatives, training opportunities etc. and act as a filter where necessary. In sharing such information, we may not always be officially endorsing that service and would encourage our members to undertake their own research to support decisions.

6        Case Work – The HOLEX Director of Policy advises on individual service or centre issues and will take these up with funding bodies and/or DFE if necessary.

7        Network Development Events – Members are entitled to three network events each year where they can share good practice and hear directly from national experts on where government policy is going. Recent events have covered Ofsted, Ministers’ policy announcements and changes to funding. Two events each year are held in London; the summer event has recently been held in Birmingham to widen accessibility.

8        Facilitating Peer Support – HOLEX members support each other through network groups and e-groups. This means pressing issues can be resolved quickly.  HOLEX members are always happy to share best practice and/or knowledge with other members.

9        Involvement in/benefit of externally funded development activity – Where the focus of activity aligns with member support needs, HOLEX bids for and manages directly development projects. HOLEX also works with ETF, AoC, AELP and L&W on sector wide development projects to ensure members interests are tailored for. Last year these included the National Leaders of Governance, Future Apprenticeships and preparing for devolution.

 10    Additional benefits – Membership of HOLEX counts as membership of a professional body and can lead to discounts from other professional bodies and or agencies.  For example, we have negotiated discounts with LSECT, including money off their events and off FE week subscriptions and advertising.  Details of discounts will be shared via the HOLEX Policy Update e-group and will also be uploaded to the JISCMail shared file space.  Your HOLEX membership number will be included on your annual renewal email, but please contact us if you need this and can’t find it.  Note that your membership number generally won’t be needed to access discounts, but may be required if you are citing us a professional body of which you are a member.