Plickers – a way to assess learners out in the community!


Do you teach in venues with limited access to technology or the Internet? If so, Plickers might be the formative assessment tool for you as it only requires the teacher to have a mobile phone.

Plickers is an App that works with both Android and Apple devices. The App works with in conjunction with a set of cards that you can print out freely from the Internet. You ask a question with up to four possible answers (a, b, c or d) and the student holds up their card with what they consider to be the correct answer showing at the top. The teacher opens the App which uses the mobile device’s camera to scan the cards and store the results. Each card is slightly different and so by assigning a student a particular card you can analyse individual responses. Watch the video demonstration:

You register with Plickers on their website and simply enter your questions into a quiz. You can print the responses in Pdf format. A future development that that the Plickers developers a looking into is to enable a .csv (spreadsheet) export of the results.


Print on cardboard and don’t laminate as that causes a reflection when scanning with your mobile device.

How could you use Plickers?

  • During the first session to identify what things people would most like to study
  • At the start of a session to gauge prior knowledge
  • During a session to collect in the responses to a question
  • At the end of the session to capture learning that has taken place
  • At the end of a course to measure progress and achievement
  • During the final session for evaluation purposes
  • During community group learning or family learning workshops as an ice breaker activity
  • For group quizzes

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