Screen Capture Software – the multi-purpose tool!


Teachers are busy people so it’s great to find a tool that’s quick to learn, easy to use and can be applied in many different ways.

At a recent training event to Manchester Adult Education Service, screen capture software was highlighted as a useful tool for learning, support and assessment. There are many screen capture tools available, the one shown during the session was ScreenCast-O-Matic This tool is free for 15 minute recordings and as long as you are prepared to have a small watermark that says it was recorded using ScreenCast-O-Matic. The tool is very easy to use and can be run online or downloaded to a computer.Screencastomatic website

Within 5 minutes of an English Teacher being introduced to the tool she knew how to use it and had created not one but two short videos that demonstrated different uses of the software:

Providing video feedback
Giving feedback on learner assignments using screen capture software.



  • To highlight areas for improvement and achievement as you talk through an assignment, in much the same way as you would do if a learner was sitting next to you.
  • A learner can revisit the video as many times as they need to.
  • A learner hears your voice, your tone – encouragement etc. Research shows a teacher thinks more about the feedback they provide when giving audio feedback than written. A learner reading written feedback could easily misunderstand the statements you write.
Presentations with VoiceoversUsing screen capture software to adapt Powerpoints to make them more accessible when viewed by learners on Moodle.


  • Powerpoints don’t include everything you say when delivering them in class.
  • Support for learners who miss a class
  • Support with language skills
  • Remove the need to have Powerpoint or a Powerpoint player on the learner’s device (phone, tablet, computer)

There are other uses for Screen Capture software:

How to Video Guides
Creating video guides for using software.[youtube]

  • To enable independent learning
  • To provide recap support between classes or for revision
  • To facilitate pedagogies such as flipped learning
  • For staff training on the use of VLEs, Email, ePortfolio software etc.



 Learner Assignments
Learners record the screen for assessment submission.

  • Assessments that are fit for purpose and can be carried out away from the classroom. for example computer based tasks for apprentices.
  • Learners creating ePortfolios. For example learners talk over a series of photographs of practical activities such as art or cookery to explain what they did and how.
  • Accessible assessment for LDD students.
Learner Support
Learners make their own recordings for support purposes.

  • Learners record problems they encounter using software whilst studying ICT, photo editing or social media etc. to upload to VLEs for discussion, peer support etc. This can help to provide support outside the classroom and on online courses.
Website  and VLE Tours
Recordings made of the organisations website and VLE

  • Induction for Learners and staff
  • Support blended and online learning

Can you add to the list of ideas? How do you use Screen Capture software with your learners or for staff?

Written for HOLEX by Ideas4learning Ltd.


  1. I don’t know this app in particular but I’ve used Camstudio screen capture software in the past but the file formats of the recording were not always adequate and the recording sizes were monstrous! If you allow staffstudents to upload video files to your Moodle, do you set up quotas? How would you handle the ever growing need for more space? Does this software create a format that would upload directly to a YouTube account, for instance?

  2. Hi Marta, I swapped from Camstudio which as you say creates very large file sizes. This software saves as MP4s and yes you can upload direct from the software to Youtube. Uploading videos to Moodle does takes up your server space, increases download speeds etc. For assignment feedback you may wish to do this though to ensure it is kept completely private. For other types of screen captures then Youtube or Vimeo provide alternatives. Uploads to Moodle could be limited in file size, setting quotas might be more tricky though it might need to vary depending on what course it is.

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