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Do you use video (Youtube, Vimeo, Khan Academy) with your learners? If so you’ll be interested in this very useful tool VideoNot.es which provides a way to captures notes synched to the video. It works in conjunction with GoogleDrive, great for any Google Apps for Education users. You sign in with your in with your Gmail account.

VideoNot.es allows you to select a video from YouTube, Vimeo, Khan Academy and Coursera. As you watch the video inside the tool, you type notes or bookmarks time-stamped to specific points in the video.

Using the videonot.es tool

Once the video has finished, you give the video-note a title and this generates an automatic save of to GoogleDrive.

You can keep you NideoNot.es private or you can opt to share them – publically, with those that have the URL or with individuals whose email addresses you supply. You can opt to give individuals editing rights to your notes too.
sharing video notes
Your saved Video Note is watched back from your GoogleDrive account. You can quickly skip to any place within the video using the timed notes.

This tool provides so many possibilities for teaching and learning. For some learners it becomes a study aid. For teachers it could support flipped learning. It also opens up new ways to deliver activities:

  • watch the video and write down the key points
  • watch your filmed presentation and make notes on areas you think you could improve further
  • watch this job interview bookmark all the things you think the candidate did well or could have done better

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