Budget 2018

ACHEIVING THE BASICS – Post 18 Review and Budget 2018 Submission

Click here to access the submission in word format – HOLEX Post 18 Funding Review Budget 2018 Submission August 2018

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This paper sets out the evidence why there needs to be further investment in community provision for adults and how it supports many of the government priorities of social integration, managed migration and improving productivity and wellbeing. It concludes with a set of recommendation for the Post 18 Review, Autumn Budget 2018 and the next spending review.

Adult community learning has a track record of supporting those learners furthest away from the workforce and most at risk of exclusion from society, getting them back into work and able to contribute to society. However, it is held back from doing what is needed for this country because of a lack of resource. Less than 1% of the post-18 education and skills budget is spent on adult community learning, even though there are 17 million adults without a level 2 qualification and 1 in 5 of our adults struggle with maths and literacy.

This imbalance of spend must be corrected. The post-18 budget should not be just for those who are already educationally successful – a new fairness is required. Brexit creates a situation where we will need all our people to be skilled and reach their full potential. We need a skilled workforce and we should not ignore those who did not do well at school.  This paper demonstrates why adult education, skills and learning is so important and the reasons for investment.