Embedding Equality and Diversity


Diane Cooper-Ramsden, Skills and Qualifications Manager at Barnsley MBC, says they have been developing ways to help tutors embed equality and diversity into their schemes of work. One of the ideas they had was to produce a Moodle Book containing a month by month celebration of diversity full of useful resources.

The Celebration of Diversity Book starts with support and suggestions for tutors on how to use the ideas within the book to embed diversity using a celebration topic into schemes of work and lessons. Each month is contained within a separate chapter of the book, so that tutors can easily access it from the book’s navigation menu. So for example, within October a tutor would find Black History Month with links to useful website pages, as well as links for resources they could download and use.

The use of a tool such as Moodle Book means that it can be updated easily. When members of staff produce their resources these could then be included for others to use the following year.

To help staff with their planning they include a Celebration of Diversity Calendar. Here is a link to the Staff Diversity Diary produced for providers of FE and Skills for the academic year 2014-15.

NIACE’s Equalities Toolkit website holds 6 years’ worth of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion case studies from projects run by different organisations. Morley College ran a project Educate out Prejudice which focussed on the protected characteristic LGBT and how to support staff in embedding LGBT into their curriculum areas. As a result of the project, staff became very creative in their lesson planning, making use of social media like blogs and Twitter to draw inspiration from. For example, Catherine O’Shea drew on Stephen Fry’s blog post, An Open Letter to David Cameron and the IOC,  for a GCSE English class. The students explored how the language used within the post expressed Stephen’s thoughts and feelings and at the same time opened up the opportunity for a class based discussion on the topic itself. EqualitiesToolkit
Tutors at Morley College shared all aspects of their project, how they trained staff, what the staff then went on to do and the impact the project had. Participating staff shared their lesson plans, resources and evaluations so that others could see their approach and gain ideas and inspiration from it. The tutors covered a range of curriculum areas including ESOL, Literacy, Childcare and English.  Morley College resources

This year 29 EDI Skills Funding Agency projects were run by the Equalities Challenge Unit. The project’s case studies will be added to the NIACE Equalities Toolkit and be available this October. Northern College’s Case Study is already available its focus was to change the way that educators talk about diversity, intersectionality and identity so that individual participants and their students could express their identities safely without prejudice.

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