Free Resources and CPD Modules


The Learning Futures programme , involves 17 projects which complete on the 30th September 2015. The projects cover a wide range of different topics aimed at practitioners, managers and governors. Each project is producing resources and these will be available as the projects finish.

To support the projects, the Learning Futures team developed a series of CPD modules, covering 11 different topics. Each module is made up of a recorded webinar, suggested CPD activities, links to further useful resources and to any of the associated projects.

In the video below Sue Owen-Evans, Learning Futures Programme Director, talks about some of the projects that are specific to Community Learning and Skills and what the programme has to offer HOLEX members.

In the video Sue mention’s the Gateshead NetPass Project for more information on this watch Kevin Pearson talk about their project.

One thing the projects have in common is that the CPD skills they have been building with their own staff are transferrable to practitioners teaching not only other subjects but across the different types of provision too. This link provides you with an overview of the projects, so that you can plan for when the resources become available.

Written for HOLEX by Ideas4Learning Limited

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