Interactive Learning Resources for Skills


This year Jisc commissioned 22 providers to produce interactive learning resources for skills with their support. Each resource is badged an Open Educational Resource(OER) which means that it can be taken and used freely by Community Learning and Skills providers.

In this first video Lisa Barnes, an Account Manager for Jisc North, talks about some of the interactive learning resource projects. To find out more about all of the projects, you will find information on the Jiscinvolve website.  The actual resources themselves are stored in the Jorum Repository, search using the keyword ILRforSkills for the 163 OERs.

Having access to OERs takes away the need to create materials yourself. If you have a VLE or website then the materials can be uploaded to it. Here Elisabetta Lando, an Account Manager for Jisc London, shows an alternative approach to using one of the interactive learning resources by accessing it through Padlet.

Jisc re-structured and rebranded itself this year and in our final video Jane Edwards, an Account Manager for Jisc South West and Midlands, explains the services Jisc offers and how Community Learning and Skills providers can tap into their services.

If you are using these or any other OERs let us know what you are using and how.

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