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Do you ever find that you start following a blog site such as this one and some of the posts you want to come back and read again so you print it off or add them to your favourites/ bookmark them? The fact that we have taken action at that point, seems to tell our brains that we can tick that one of our to-do lists and we then forget all about it! It’s not until something happens, perhaps you have a conversation with someone, that triggers a connection in your memory to something you’ve read – so you start to scour your inbox, your computer, your bookmarks (folders, sub-folders) before you give up and search Google. Sound familiar?

That’s why we’ve done two things, to celebrate our first 20 HOLEXTechLearn Blogs we’ve created a document, Quick Guide to Our First 20 HOLEXTechLearn Posts,  and created a category Post Summaries, so that you can quickly scan through summaries of all of them.

We’ve done something else too, we’ve created a HOLEXTechLearn Pinterest board.  Some people like a visual prompt so we’ve used Pinterest to pin an image relating to each blog, together with a direct link to the post. Pinterest is a great way to gather online resources onto a visual noticeboard. You can use it to help your own memory and build collections of resources or to support your learners with relevant websites to their course and/or a topic within their course.

HOLEXTechLearn Pinterest Board

Written for Holex by Ideas4Learning Limited.

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