Teaching Modern Foreign Languages Online


Rafael Canet, Adult Skills Coordinator for Quality and E-learning at Newcastle City Learning uses different online activities to engage and support learners on Spanish Courses.

Rafael explained that on the Virtual Learning Environment he includes pictures to bring context to the new vocabulary – it also helps learners to correctly navigate to the right place.

Image of MFL Moodle course

To ensure that learners are taught the language skills that they want to learn he asks them on a forum to let him know what topics whether cultural or grammatical or a combination of both they would like to study. He asks them in Spanish and the learners respond likewise. Click on the image to see the contents more clearly.

Forum posts in Spanish

To support learners with pronunciation Rafael makes use of the OddCast Text to Speech tool.

This tool allows learners to type in words or sentences and then to listen to them being spoken.

It has a range of different languages, and as it includes English could be used by ESOL learners for English pronunciations and for dyslexic learners to find out what a word they are struggling to read says.

The tool also provides a number of different voices for each language being spoken.

Oddcast text to speech tool

Rafael has created a HTML block on the side of the Moodle page so that learners always have quick access to the website.
Link to Oddcast TTS from Moodle Block
Learning technologies and tools open up all sorts of possibilities for teaching languages. What are you doing with your learners?

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