HOLEX is the lead professional body for Adult Community Education and Learning

HOLEX represents a network of 130+ adult and community learning providers and is the sector professional membership body for Local Authority Adult Community Learning (ACL) services, Institutes of Learning (SDI), independent third sector providers including Local Authority spin offs and national providers and individuals who share the network’s ethos. HOLEX members have the largest geographical reach of all providers and they educate, train and retrain 700,000+ adult learners annually. They are judged by Ofsted as the sector best for teaching and learning and are often top of the league table for customer satisfaction.

All HOLEX members share a joint mission to provide skills and learning that give adults and often their families a chance to succeed in life and support their employment prospects and wellbeing, which in turn improves productivity and creates the circumstances for economic success.

HOLEX Purpose

HOLEX exists to help further develop adult learning leaders’ capacity to provide high quality, cost-effective adult learning opportunities within a publicly and multi-funded context.  HOLEX assists and promotes the role of member organisations in extending and widening participation, especially for adults who have not previously benefited from education and training.


HOLEX activity is governed by the Association of Adult Education and Training Organisations (AAETO), a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee.