Xerte Online Toolkit – What can it do?


Xerte is a content creation tool that enables users to use a wide range of page templates to create multi-media rich and interactive learning modules. The final packages are produced in HTML5 making them very easy to play of different learning devices (mobiles, tablets, laptops and computers) and then can be easily embedded within VLE course pages.

Xerte was originally created by Nottingham University but JISC (TechDis) recognising the potential of the tool had a lot of input into the design of a range of different templates to help produce a tool that supports accessible learning.

Amanda Cooper, Learning Technologist at Gloucestershire Adult Education has been developing learning resources in Xerte to support their contracted out providers. She has taken topic areas that many of the providers need to cover and has produced self-study modules that they can then use within their delivery.

In the video below Amanda shows examples of some of the page templates available within Xerte:

If you don’t have the ability to host the Xerte Online Toolkit n your own server there are organisations that can do this for you such as LearningApps at an educational provider rate.

On Learning Fututres website you can find a whole CPD section on using the Xerte Onlne Toolkit with more examples from practitioners.

If you are looking for a tool that is relatively easy to use, has lots of choice in page templates, is free (with a potential small cost to host externally) and supports independent self-study then Xerte is a good place to start.

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